/FF: Surrender Magazine

A magazine about comics, video games, and pop-culture, designed for Editorial class, 70 pages.

/FF means 'surrender' in a variety of online video games, I chose this for the name of the magazine because it would serve as a fun kind of trivia for the readers. The magazine is about comics, video games, and a variety of relevant pop-culture. This issue is the first; featuring interviews with two proffessional World of Warcraft players, many opinion editorials, and various infographics.
The magazine itself boasts many 'easter eggs', a term in gaming that refers to 
an intentional hidden message or inside joke. The logo itself reflects the idea of a glowing computer screen in the night, and is mirrored by the back cover that features a hidden outlet. The beginning inside cover spread is minimal, the only text being 'connected'. This is also mirrored by the end inside spread, but instead with the text being 'disconnected'.
The theme of being disconnected by the end of the magazine is also spread through-out the pages in the folio, where you will notice the folio changing color: green to yellow to red. This is a representation of 'ping' another online gaming term that references the stability of your internet connection. In some games, ping is represented by color (green, yellow, and red). If your internet is stable, your ping is shown as green, if you are experiencing minor interruptions, your ping is yellow, and finally if your internet connection is unstable, your ping is red. Usually you will find yourself disconnected shortly after your ping has turned red. 
Other minor easter eggs are the colors of the spreads and the random pixelated images/text. The colors are meant to cause a visual conflict, making it hard to read or look at for long periods of time. This was done to recreate the feeling of staring at a screen in the dark. The pixelated images/text that can be found through-out the magazine is an echo of the pixelated logo, a tribute to early games.
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